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Just a little spot for my personal pictures, writing and thoughts. Everything posted here was written or phographed by me to me unless otherwise stated.

Peace. <3
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Things are different between us now
Something is between us now
Plastic wrap
I can see you, and it seems as though you are within my reach
But you aren’t
I reach out hoping I might feel your warmth
But it’s not quite that familiar feeling
It’s a glossy, artificial and residual warmth, something was there once, but not anymore.


I’m embarrassed by my thoughts of you
Because I’m humiliated to think that I could give you the privilege of my vulnerability again
That I could expose myself to you
The parts that have been calloused by
The ups and downs
The times I reached for you and you weren’t there
Angry silence
And the rough way you handled my soft parts —
Not my pussy or my mouth
But my heart
And my soul